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About Minom Premium Flour Tortilla Base

Flour Tortilla Base

MINOM Flour Tortilla Base mix was designed with variation in climate and altitude in mind. The stabilizers we have developed for use in MINOM provide you with a consistent product at any elevation at any time of the year. MINOM works anywhere you decide to use it.

We take pride in bringing you only the best organic ingredients. Our customers fall in love with Minom and keep coming back for more. Their raving reviews with flying colors is a testament to our commitment and passion to let our mix speak for itself and leave it up to your pallet to sit back and enjoy the ride. For flour tortillas of unmatched taste, texture and quality, rely on the consistency of Minom.


MINOM meets or exceeds stringent U.S.D.A. guidelines set forth for the food industry. We use natural ingredients and add no preservatives.



Cooking MINOM tortillas with the BE&SCO Grandemax.

Using the Dough Divider/Rounder

Mixing your Dough