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MINOM Premium Flour Tortilla Base is extremely versatile. It can be used to produce flour, corn and whole wheat tortillas, as well as for dozens of other uses. (Call us for details.)


Using MINOM makes tortilla production easy. Simply add MINOM Flour Tortilla Base to flour, shortening, and water to make the finest tortillas imaginable. One 2 lbs. pouch and your ingredients will make 43 lbs. of finished dough and over 500 tender and tasty tortillas! You can make this dough by hand or with a mixer. Never has making tortillas been this easy!

Flour Tortilla Recipe

Fluffy and Light - full of flavor.

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Whole Wheat Tortilla Recipe

Healthy and Delicious choice!

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Southwest Tortilla Recipe

Just a hint of spice to liven up your tastebuds!

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Chapatti Flatbread Recipe

A traditional flatbread using sunflower oil. A nice, clean flavor.

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